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Time for Pre-Season Furnace Maintenance

Time for Pre-Season Furnace Maintenance

When September rolls around you know fall and cooler weather are just around the corner.  That means it is time for a furnace tune up.

You can beat the rush on that first cold day by having us check out your furnace before you need to turn it on. 

We perform the following service checks on your furnace so that when you need it, it will work perfectly.

  • Filter check.  We will change your furnace filter if it is clogged or dirty.  A dirty furnace filter will cause problems with the heat exchanger and your furnace’s safety switch.
  • We check for carbon monoxide leakage which might be caused by a cracked heat exchanger or a problem with venting.  Carbon monoxide leaking is a dangerous occurrence and a very important reason to have your furnace checked every heating season.
  • The flame sensor should be checked to make sure it will correctly identify if the burners are lit or not. This sensor will automatically shut down the furnace if it detects that there are no flames.
  • We will check the limit switch.  This switch is a fail safe device that shuts the furnace down if the unit gets too hot.
  • The blower will be thoroughly checked. We check to see if the blower needs oiling.  We also check the amp usage.  If the blower motor is drawing a high level of amps, it might need replacing.
  • We check for fuel leaks using the latest electronic diagnostic equipment.

Regular furnace maintenance will help you keep your furnace not only working to its peak efficiency, but will help it last longer.  An efficiently running furnace also will help save energy dollars.

We also can give you a quote on furnace replacement if you want to enjoy further energy savings by getting a more efficient model than your current one.  Celestial Air also does oil to gas conversions leading to even more energy dollar savings.

Beat the rush, get your furnace checked out today!