Checking Your Condensate Line

Periodically checking your air conditioning condensate line is a good idea. The hotter and more humid our New Jersey weather gets, the more we appreciate the comfort and convenience that air conditioning provides. Not only does the air conditioning system cool your indoor air, it also significantly reduces the humidity inside your home. Follow along … Read more Checking Your Condensate Line

An Ounce of Prevention

Did you know that well-maintained HVAC systems last longer? In fact, any mechanical systems will last far longer if you keep them clean and in good repair. You know this from your car. Regular oil and filter changes keep your engine running smoother and cleaner. All kinds of grime and gunk accumulation will make the … Read more An Ounce of Prevention

Are Spring Allergies Bothering You?

Pollen and mold signal the start of allergy season usually starting the middle of March. Temperatures are still on the chilly side, so we should expect the allergy season to start soon. Normal symptoms of allergies include congestion, itchy eyes, runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat, sneezing, and headaches. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma … Read more Are Spring Allergies Bothering You?

Contaminants and Coronavirus: How Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Health

The very real health concerns over Coronavirus infections have been compounded by shortages of basic foodstuffs and supplies. Here at Celestial Air, we are also very concerned about the indoor air quality during this period when most people are staying indoors for most of the day. This is with respect to the operation and maintenance … Read more Contaminants and Coronavirus: How Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Health

Beyond Comfort

When we consider keeping our home comfy this season we, for the most part, think about our heating system. But is it as simple as that? Here are a few things that can support your HVAC system to help ensure your home is more than just comfortable- it’s optimal. Programmable Thermostats Upgrading your thermostats to … Read more Beyond Comfort

What is an Electronic Air Cleaner and Why Do I Need One?

To reduce the amount of airborne contaminants in a home, such as dust, dander, bacteria and mold, many homeowners use an electronic air cleaner. These cleaners, also known as electronic air purifiers or ionizers, use electrically charged filter to attract, then trap these particulates. Electronic air cleaners can be installed in your central HVAC system … Read more What is an Electronic Air Cleaner and Why Do I Need One?

Home Energy Expenses

Did you know that about 48% of all residential energy use is for the heating and cooling systems in your home?  These Department of Energy figures indicate that improving heating efficiency will help hold down utility costs during cold weather in New Jersey. Additionally, upgrading to an Energy Star certified furnace can save approximately $94 … Read more Home Energy Expenses